I came across earthenbynature shortly before the lockdown at Reading Farmers’ Market where I bought a jar of the clementine face-cream. I loved it and have just purchased a larger jar and several other products, both for myself and as gifts. For me the face-creams have a perfect consistency: they are light and yet feel nourishing to the skin. The scents are delicate and natural; the clementine cream is particularly delightful – the scent which greets you on unscrewing the lid reminds you of peeling an actual fruit. Likewise, the handmade soaps have a very attractive, delicate appearance and a natural perfume. They produce a very good lather and do not disintegrate on use. The earthenbynature website is straightforward and attractive, and communication very easy and prompt, even for buying products during lockdown. Prices are competitive. I bought beeswax wraps as a gift and liked the fact that you can choose your own fabrics. Everything arrived attractively and environmentally-friendly packaged. I shall certainly continue to shop with earthenbynature, both for myself and as gifts."

Isobel RCustomer

 "The soaps are fantastic - they lather up so nicely and last a really long time! I like to use mine with the sisal bag so I get a nice gentle scrub too!""

Emily DelahayeCustomer Acupuncturist

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