Good quality organic ingredients should be affordable for everyone and need not cost the earth...literally.

Our COSMOS certified Organic creams and lotions are infused with natural oils to suit skin types, helping to keep your skin nourished and healthy. Oleum infusions give an intensive treatment to help improve the look and condition of your skin.

Handmade rustic soaps are prepared using quality oils, shea butter and essential oils, and not from pre-made gel. Like all natural soap they need to be kept dry between use so they last a lot longer. Pop them on a soap dish, simple as that.

We used recyclable packaging wherever possible. Natural and sustainable is the way forward.

Important Information:
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Any suggested products or recommendations are based on official sources and generally accepted facts about a particular natural ingredient. Our skin care products are not for medicinal purposes. We recommend the use of our products in certain skin types & conditions, the ingredients and composition of which are accepted entirely at your own risk. The purchaser must check with medical professionals to ensure there are no reactions to any medications they may be taking.